Neonatal: Golden Hour

Neonatal: Golden Hour

The goal of the MSPQC Golden Hour Project is to improve the morbidity and mortality outcomes for high-risk premature infants born in Mississippi through use of systematic evidence-based better practices in the critical first hours of life.

Maximize resuscitative management of high risk neonates in first hour of life.


  • High-risk deliveries will include the use of a delivery room pre-resuscitation checklist with briefing prior to delivery.
  • High-risk deliveries will be followed by a structured team debriefing utilizing the post-resuscitation checklist following the delivery.
  • High-risk deliveries will be followed by family communication from the delivering staff within 2 hours of infant delivery.
  • Delivered high-risk newborns will have a temperature between 36.0 and 37.5 degrees Celsius upon admission to the NICU.

Project Leads: Kara Driver, MD; Kim Sheffield

MSPQC Delivery Room checklist
MSPQC Post-resuscitation checklist